If you require project management assistance,

but don't want to pay for a full-time contract Project Manager,

and with the added complication that IR35 has introduced,

using me on a 'Statement of Work' basis, may fit your requirements better.


The type of services I can provide, include...


  • delivery of the actual project, from inception, project brief and PID to sign-off and project closure.

  • setting up project governance, to ensure your projects run in a controlled manner;

    • project boards and steering committees

    • resource planning

    • reporting; RAID logs, status reports, exception reports, etc

  • analysis and documentation of scope and requirements

  • supplier management;

    • producing and handling requests for information, requests for proposals, specification documents

    • managing bidding processes and commercial engagements

  • producing project documentation;

    • business case

    • project brief

    • project initiation document

    • working with your teams to produce high and low level designs.

  • project close-down;

    • lessons learned

    • post project actions

    • BAU Support transition


Everything you need to get your project to the point where you can review the business case and all the documentation and decide to commence or cancel the project.


When a project moves from the design phase to the implementation phase, I can provide oversight and project governance to ensure your project runs on time, to spec and to budget, without you having the cost of a full-time Project Manager on-site, 8 hours a day.



I typically contract my time on a full-time basis for one large client, so I provide this consultancy work, mainly outside normal business hours, with periodic on-site visits to ensure sufficient facetime is maintained. I am available during the day via email, phone and for meetings, but I do the bulk of the work outside normal business hours.


How much does this cost?

Much less than hiring a full-time project manager and way cheaper than engaging a consultancy firm.

Because I do this in the evening and weekends, I typically charge 50% of my standard day/hourly rate.

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